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The Changing Terrain of Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms can be extremely effective for getting your brand out into the digiverse and creating awareness around your product, but it is important to take heed of the ways that users are adapting to the changing landscape of social media. Audiences are becoming more and more averse to blatant marketing and clickbait tactics and are instead gravitating towards posts that generate more genuine discussions and community.

While this evolution of social media certainly changes the terrain marketers have become accustomed to, it doesn’t mean social media platforms have to be any less accessible as an effective marketing tool. In fact, social media is a more effective marketing platform now than it has been in the past, all it takes is a little ingenuity and practice.

Cut Through The Noise

People’s social feeds are becoming oversaturated with a sea of meaningless promotional materials. So, if you’ve assessed that social platforms are your best means of reaching your audience, you have to be willing to invest the time, money, and creativity to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward in terms of social media content. What that content looks like is ultimately up to you – the important thing to keep in mind though, it that it should feel organic and foster genuine engagement.

Build Relationships With Engagement

Engaging your audience is more than just having an open-ended headline that leaves them wanting answers (à la clickbait). The engagement you want to generate for effective social media marketing is from content that creates a dialogue and genuine human interaction. If you can entice users to share opinions and bring friends into a conversation, then you have generated memorable, respectable, and engaging social content.

Using Social Media Influencers

In the past, reaching out to influencers has been a method of “hacking” engagement among users. This has been a changing trend, however, as pandering and inflated follower-counts have become more apparent to users. Influencers can still be valuable in your marketing efforts, it has just become more of a matter of finding influencers with earned and respected audiences who will provide you with sincere and transparent endorsement.

What’s the Secret to Success?

There is no one key to success in marketing through social media. As a platform, social media is not for everyone and every business. It takes a practiced and trained hand to make the most of it, but you understand the medium and are willing to work within its unique and challenging constraints, it can be an effective tool to help your brand shine.