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Executive Training & Coaching

27 Jan: Diversity In Emergency & Crisis Communications

Diversity In Emergency & Crisis Communications Using different lenses for planning and response Preparedness in responding to a crisis is the duty of all organizations, across all sectors. Having the ability to immediately respond effectively and efficiently can make the difference between life and death and, reduce the time and severity of a crisis, as…

25 Nov: 10 Must-Haves for a Government Social Media Policy

An effective social media policy protects your agency while encouraging employee advocacy through transparency, education, and empowerment. First, your social media policy must be transparent, clearly laying out the acceptable use of social media for agency business as well as how personal social media accounts are affected. After the rules of engagement have been established,…

14 Sep: In the Wake of Tragedy: Best Practices from Orlando’s Nightclub Shooting

The Orlando nightclub shooting in 2016 was a tragedy that touched people across the globe. Heather Fagan, City of Orlando; Kena Lewis, Orlando Health; and, Michelle Guido, Orlando Police put together a timeline of events, communications actions taken short and long-term, and lessons learned. Download this presentation, provided courtesy of the Ottawa Police Department, here.

27 Jul: The Top Five Questions Organizational Leaders Should Ask their Communications Managers

The Top Five Questions Organizational Leaders Should Ask their Communications Managers Whether you are the CAO of a municipality, the ED of a major non-profit, or the CEO of a corporation, the leaders in every organization recognize the need for strategic, effective, and measurable communications. Hopefully, you have trained and capable communications professionals leading the…