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Rooted in the FOUNDATION of preparedness. defended by COMMUNICATIONS science.

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The Crisis Communications Institute is a communications agency specializing in Crisis + Emergency Management Communications training and response.

CCI offers the EMC Certification™ Training for individuals and PREP Accreditation™ for companies who are committed to upholding a standard of excellence in an emergency or crisis situation. The programs are peer-reviewed, rooted in the foundation of preparedness and defended by communications science.

CCI helps leaders create strategies to respond to disaster emergencies and crisis, and with a deep level of experience in crisis communications leadership, we’ve been providing strategic emergency management communications services across private, public, and non-profit sectors including training, government relations, policy analysis, stakeholder relations, crisis communications response, and project management. Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your emergency + crisis management communications training and response needs.


President + CEO, Lead Education Facilitator

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The Crisis Communications Institute has a singular purpose: to help people effectively respond to emergency and crisis situations.

Katie Robertson, Founder and CEO of CCI, has always been passionate about developing and upholding a standard of excellence in emergency + crisis communications, and after many years of running a general PR agency, decided to further her vision by developing the EMC Certification™ program for emergency management and crisis communications professionals who are as dedicated to excellence as she is. As a graduate of the first cohort in the public relations program at Guelph-Humber in 2008, her subsequent studies in communications through Athabasca University, and her personal experience responding during emergency and crisis situations, Katie was able to quickly turn her vision into tangible results for others through her training programs and leadership methods.

Katie started her communications career working for a Member of Parliament and quickly grew her experience and connections by creating strategies for all levels of government both politically and administratively. Since then, she has helped hundreds of people in government, non-profit, and public sector industries learn how to be better emergency management and crisis communications professionals.

Carrying the drive to help people over to her personal life, Katie is an active volunteer and contributor in her community. Serving others is a key value for Katie and she demonstrates that through her work with non-profits as well as her own that she started in order to help empower women in their personal and professional lives.