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30 Nov: Getting Your Foot in the Door – Advice For New Communications Professionals

Getting Your Foot in the Door – Advice For New Communications Professionals Do you want to know how you get your foot in the door of a communications agency, or an organization? I’m going to make it really simple for you. Listen closely… SHOW ME THAT YOU ACTUALLY WANT THE JOB. Seriously, it’s that simple. At…


25 Nov: Crowdfunding – Alternative Ways to Raise Business Capital

Crowdfunding – Alternative Ways to Raise Business Capital Crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly popular way of raising business capital in an alternative way. Its popularity is growing partly because there’s typically little to no risk involved in developing and implementing a campaign, and you aren’t tied to sometimes business-crushing interest rates associated with traditional loans…


25 Nov: 10 Must-Haves for a Government Social Media Policy

An effective social media policy protects your agency while encouraging employee advocacy through transparency, education, and empowerment. First, your social media policy must be transparent, clearly laying out the acceptable use of social media for agency business as well as how personal social media accounts are affected. After the rules of engagement have been established,…

Grande Cache

11 Oct: Dissolving Grande Cache

Grande Cache in Alberta, which touts itself as a mountain oasis surrounded by spectacular wilderness, has announced its intention to dissolve as an official municipality and fold into the surrounding Municipal District of Greenview. The reason for this decision is primarily sited because of the economic downturn in Alberta. Mayor Herb Castle noted that, “it’s…

First Nations

11 Oct: The Value of Joint Communications Partnerships with First Nations

More and more, municipalities are seeing the value of collaboration and creating joint strategies including economic development, and emergency communications. The importance of looking to surrounding First Nations for this same effort is invaluable in coming together to learn from each other and work on common priorities. When considering the join communications approach with First…

Cannabis Education

11 Oct: Developing an Effective Cannabis Education Campaign

On October 17, 2018, cannabis will be legal in Canada. The federal government introduced legislation to legalize cannabis in November 2017 and since then, there has been extensive public and stakeholder engagement by all levels of government. If your municipality hasn’t already adopted a framework for the impending cannabis legalization, it’s time to start looking…


21 Sep: Communications Audits – Are they really worth it?

What is a Communications Audit? A Communications Audit is a systematic research method, that will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current internal and external communications. Simply put, a communications audit is an exercise conducted to define, review, and recommend ways to improve current communications deployed by an organization. Audits can take a fair amount of time, money,…


14 Sep: In the Wake of Tragedy: Best Practices from Orlando’s Nightclub Shooting

The Orlando nightclub shooting in 2016 was a tragedy that touched people across the globe. Heather Fagan, City of Orlando; Kena Lewis, Orlando Health; and, Michelle Guido, Orlando Police put together a timeline of events, communications actions taken short and long-term, and lessons learned. Download this presentation, provided courtesy of the Ottawa Police Department, here.


25 Aug: Back to School Safety Campaign Ideas for Municipalities

Back to School Safety Campaign Ideas for Municipalities Back to school season is here and it’s time to start rolling out your safety and awareness campaigns. The best way to implement a campaign about services that are provided by another agency is to pool resources and collaborate. If you haven’t already done so, it’s time…